The Firm is structured with a principal branch strongly specialized in banking law and banking litigation, with a specific focus on the management of NPE – Non Performing Exposures (either bad loans or unlikely to pay) and on the activity of debt collection (the gross book value of NPE currently managed is approximately 2,5 billion of euros) in the context of all legal proceedings (liquidation proceedings, legal assistance in front of all ordinary court, also related to NPE originating from leasing agreements and legal assistance related to claims against bankers for their liabilities).

The Firm, more particularly, has a strong track record in the following branches:

  • management (judicial and extrajudicial) of sizable portfolios of non-performing loans, also those originating from GACS securitizations, thanks to attorneys highly specialized and also as a result of internal procedures looking, at the same time, at the maximization of the timing of the recovery together with the optimization (reduction) of the legal expenses;
  • “single name transactions”, or the legal assistance for banks in connection with transactions aimed at selling non-performing loans towards single debtors (either bad loans or unlikely to pay), also secured (residential mortgages, commercial real estate loans) and where the buyers (of the loans) are ones of the most important hedge funds and investment banks (the GBV of loans sold by banks, with the assistance of the Firm, amounts to about 2 billion euros);
  • legal assistance for servicing companies: due diligence of portfolios, secured and unsecured, analysis and pricing, vendor due diligence;

asset management and loan management for banks and servicing companies.